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“The environment and vibe at MWTM are different than at any other place that I’ve been to. It’s kind of secluded, and set in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Plus the gear and facilities are first rate. This combination of top-rate technology and a gorgeous setting are a perfect mixture for a relaxed but focused learning and teaching experience.”

Thus speaks David Kahne, who has conducted three Mix With The Masters seminars to date, in the summers of 2010, 2011, 2012, together with star mixer Michael Brauer. In 2010 the two of them made history when they joined forces for the first-ever MWTM seminar, expanding on a long-standing collaboration that has seen Kahne and Brauer work together on albums by Paul McCartney, Fishbone, and Regina Spector.

Whereas Brauer settled on mixing as his main metier, Kahne has over a long and impressive career branched out into almost all aspects of music making, acting as a musician, composer, engineer, mixer, producer, A&R man, and music supervisor. In one or more of these capacities he has worked with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Lana del Rey, The Strokes, Stevie Nicks, Sublime, Sugar Ray, k.d. lang, Cher, Miley Cyrus, Curtis Mayfield, The Bangles, Kelly Clarkson, Linkin Park, McCartney, and many more. He received a Grammy Award for Tony Bennett’s MTV Unplugged, which was the Album Of The Year 1994.

Kahne began his musical career while still in high school, playing guitar, bass, and banjo. His obvious talents landed him a record deal with the Capitol label, and he left school. However, the young man soon came to the conclusion that being an artist and performer wasn’t for him, and he decided instead to follow his fascination with the recording process. He got himself a job as a runner at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco (now known as Hyde Street Studios), and during downtime at night he recorded demos for various local artists. Kahne honed his engineering and producing these demos, and the quality of his work earned him widespread attention.

The demos provided a stepping stone to Kahne going on to work as an engineer and producer for 415 Records, and they also prompted the president of Columbia Records in New York to ask him in 1980 to act an A&R person. Kahne ended up working in for Columbia in New York for fifteen years, and later also worked as an A&R person for Warner Bros, and as a music supervisor for Noble Music. In addition, Kahne has been and remains active creating music for film and television, both as a producer and as a composer. He scored the soundtracks for movies like Bloom (2003) and The Armstrong Lie (2013) and has written three ballets, the most recent being Hunchback.

Throughout his entire career working in studios has remained Kahne’s first love, and he currently has his own studio at Avatar Studios in NYC, called SeeSquared, where he his gear consists he says, “of a combination of digital and analogue. Everything is connected in a way that allows me to use both at once, accessing everything from a main computer, on which I run Cubase and Nuendo. It’s a high-tech hybrid system, using MADI to connect 6 computers and a lot of analogue gear.”

David Kahne and Michael Brauer are scheduled to conduct their fourth MWTM seminar, August 5-11, 2014, exactly four years after their first seminar in 2010. For this reason it will be a celebratory event. Kahne is greatly looking forward to coming to La Fabrique again, and says that he intends during the forthcoming seminar, as with the previous ones, to focus on, “showing different strategies for listening more deeply, hearing music in many ways at the same time, and to be able to be effective in solving the problems encountered during that discovery process.”

Text by Paul Tingen.


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