Young Guru



Revered as “The Sound of New York”, Gimel Keaton, better known as Young Guru, possesses over a decade of experience in sound engineering, production, and A&R for the acclaimed Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam Records. Most recognized for shaping some of the biggest talent in Hip Hop, Young Guru has mixed 10 of Jay-Z’s 12 albums, and has earned himself a number of shout-outs on Jay-Z’s tracks paying homage to his exceptional skills behind the boards. Influenced by early Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Electro, House and Soul music, Young Guru’s skill set has definitively branded him as a true sound genius and orchestrator.

Known as one of the most notable engineers in the history of Pop and Hip Hop music, Young Guru officially became Jay-Z’s tour DJ in 2010. It is an endeavor well-suited for him, considering his impeccable knowledge of Jay-Z’s discography, and their long-standing personal and professional relationship. A beast on the beats, DJing is just another notch on Guru’s belt. Having toured with rapper, Nonchalant, in 1996, spinning is nothing new for Young Guru. Respected by industry veterans and newcomers alike, in a recent interview with GQ Magazine Drake’s platinum-record-producer and engineer “40” spoke highly of Young Guru, saying that he aspires to attain the level of success Guru has achieved in his career. Guru was the tour DJ for the ‘Watch The Throne’ world tour featuring Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Young Guru will conduct his second MWTM seminar from February 15 to 21, 2016.


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